Brian Blessed Helped Woman Give Birth And The Story’s Heroic And Weird

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Brian Blessed is a pretty cool, if slightly odd guy, so his latest appearance on Radio 4 was always going to get people talking.

When the actor decided to tell a story from all the way back in the 60s when he delivered a baby in Richmond Park, Twitter exploded and rightly so.

He elaborated, and after hearing just what happened, it’s little surprise people are still talking about it.

bblesdsedRotten Tomato

He said:

I rushed over to her…gradually I got the baby out.

The afterbirth came out, then I bit it loose and just called for help. We were both covered in blood…I was wiping her and licking the baby’s face and the ambulances came.


Here are some of the best tweets of the bunch…

Some people were more concerned for the woman…

And then there were those who thought he was dead…