Brisbane Man Hospitalised For Six Days After Laughing So Hard At Joke He Crashed His Car

by : Lucy Connolly on : 22 Feb 2020 15:55
Brisbane Man Hospitalised For Six Days After Laughing So Hard At Joke He Crashed His CarPexels/4kg

A man was hospitalised for six days after laughing so hard at a joke on his local radio station when he was driving that he crashed his car.

Last year, Shaun Kelly was driving on the M1 in Brisbane, Australia, while listening to the 4KQ Breakfast Show as he usually would, when he heard something that made him laugh out loud.


Not only did it make him laugh out loud, but the joke told by hosts Laurel, Mark and Gary seemingly made him forget where he was or what he was doing, because he crashed straight into the back of a truck, writing it off in the process.

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Yikes. Shaun rang up the radio show earlier this week to let the hosts know about his mishap, telling them he had a ‘story’ to tell them before launching into it.

The loyal listener recalled a moment on the show when Laurel, Mark and Gary were talking about their kids growing up. Which doesn’t sound too funny really, does it? Not to worry though; all will become clear in Shaun’s explanation of what came next.


Here’s what he said:

You [Laurel] were talking about your son getting his beard cut, and you mentioned him getting his little curls cut, and Gary said ‘and his beard?’

I thought that was hilarious, I was driving on the highway and started belly laughing, I crashed into the back of a truck and got knocked unconscious.

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Ah, pubic hair humour. Okay, I take it back. It’s still not really funny, is it? Regardless, Shaun hadn’t finished talking and went on to say he continued laughing at the joke even when he woke up after the crash.


As a crowd of people gathered around him to make sure he was alright, instead of reassuring them, Shaun ended up telling them how he had ended up crashing his car – causing all of them to burst out laughing too.

He explained:

I told them and they started laughing, then the ambulance came up [and] they said ‘stop making him laugh he could be hurt’, so I told the ambulance people and they started laughing.

Are these people hearing the same joke?! Thankfully, Shaun’s wife had a more sensible reaction, telling him: ‘That’s it, you’re never listening to that station again! It’s too dangerous.’

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The listener continued:

I was in hospital for six days, and for six days I swear the nurses and doctors – different ones every day – [asked] ‘Can you please tell us the story of what happened?’.

As well as writing his car off, Shaun had to stay in the hospital for six days, causing Mark to exclaim: ‘All because of a joke Gary told!’


What do you reckon then? Was Gary’s joke so funny you’d crash your car for it, or was it mediocre at best? I’m going for the last one – sorry Gary.

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