Bristol Is Officially The Cocaine Capital Of The UK

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It’s official people, Bristol has been named the cocaine capital of the UK!

The EU Drugs Agency anaylysed wastewater near treatment plants for a week in 2017 to find evidence of cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine and methamphetamine.

The study discovered people in Bristol took an average of 754.7mg of coke per 1000 residents each day.


Barcelona bagged the gold medal for cocaine-use, followed by Zurich, Antwerp, St Gallen Hofen and Geneva.

Switzerland also had Berne and Basel in the top ten.

Europe isn’t all coke-mad though. More of them prefer MDMA, according to statistics, as reported by the Metro.

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The top ten cities for usage were as follows:

Amsterdam, Netherlands: 230.3mg

Eindhoven, Netherlands: 165.1mg

Antwerp, Belgium: 95.3mg

Zurich, Switzerland: 81.2mg

Utrecht, Netherlands: 59.8mg

Berlin, Germany: 49.8mg

Barcelona, Spain: 48.1mg

Geneva, Switzerland: 47.2mg

Tampere, Finland: 44.5mg

Paris, France: 43.4mg


As for methamphetamine:

Chemnitz, Germany: 240.6mg

Erfurt, Germany: 211.2mg

Budweis, Czech Republic: 200.2mg

Brno, Czech Republic: 185.7mg

Dresden, Germany: 180.2mg

Bratislava, Slovakia: 149.2mg

Nuremberg, Germany: 94.8mg

Oslo, Norway: 92.5mg

Limassol, Cyprus: 88mg

Magdeburg, Germany: 85.2mg

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The study was based on data from 43 million people. It also showed the dutch city Eindhoven was the top destination for speed.

It was carried out by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs addiction (EMCDDA).

While it’s nice to see Bristol getting some mainstream attention, I wish it’d have been for something less salacious.