Brit Couple Who Took ‘Sex Act Wedding Photo’ Now In Serious Trouble

Carley Lunn / Facebook

A British couple who took a daring ‘sex act’ wedding photo could now face serious punishment after the church banned all foreign couples from marrying there.

Newlyweds Matthew, 27, and Carly Lunn, 34, decided to take a photo that appeared to show the bride performing oral sex on her husband.

The snap was taken after the couple tied the knot at the Greek Orthodox monastery of St Paul in Rohdes, Greece.

Carley Lunn / Facebook

The picture shows Matthew punching the air with his trousers around his ankles and his boxers pulled down to his knees as Carly is seen on her knees in front of him in a suggestive position.

Despite being hailed as ‘legends’ by their friends, the people of Rhodes consider the monastery a sacred place and unsurprisingly didn’t find the ‘joke’ at all appropriate.

In fact, they found the photo to be so tasteless that the Bishop Kyrillos of Rhodes banned all foreign weddings from happening at the beautiful monastery.


Now the Lunns could be sued as hundreds of couples have had to face cancelling their weddings.

Daniel Gaynor, 32, and his fiancée Mandy Jackson, 30, from Rotherham are one of these couples and have slammed the Lunns for ruining their wedding plans.

Daniel told the Mail Online:

Me and my fiancée are affected by these two low lives. We have been planning our wedding for two-and-a-half years.

We are due to get married at St Paul’s bay in August 2018 but that won’t be happening now.

My partner was in tears all last night all because of this stupid immature disrespectful couple.

It doesn’t matter to them they have had their wedding, but for many couples like us our dream wedding that we have been saving years and planning years has been ruined.

I will be going to see a solicitor to see if any action can be taken against them. They are scum.

Facebook / Mandy Jackson

Suzanne Sparkles, 33, and her fiancée Steve Arnold, 38, from Chorley booked their big day on the Greek isle two years ago costing £40,000.

The mother-of-two told the MailOnline:

I’m absolutely devastated that these idiots have spoilt my dream wedding. We have 52 guests coming from the UK for it and have booked to stay for a week.

We were originally thinking of getting married in Cyprus but then when I saw the chapel I knew I wanted it there.

Our wedding planner has told us that the mayor is going to make a final decision in seven to 10 days.

It’s such an anxious wait for us because I don’t want to have to get married on a beach. We can’t change the location because we have spent so much money on it already.

The mayor of Rhodes is expected to make a final decision on the ban in the next week.

Carley Lunn / Facebook

In an interview with The Sun, Mr Lunn has now claimed that the couple regret taking the photo and wished only to demonstrate their ‘unique sense of humour’.

He said:

It’s been blown out of proportion. We were just pretending and having a laugh. The Greeks have completely over-reacted.

We don’t think we did anything wrong but we regret it and wish we hadn’t bothered.

Unfortunately for the couple, they did bother and are now facing the consequence whether they think it is an over-reaction or not.