Britain First Call Facebook Fascist After Their Page Is Unpublished

bf webBritain first

Britain First have found themselves embroiled in yet another controversy, this time with Facebook.

After seeing their page taken down, the far right organisation claimed that the social media giants were being ‘fascist’ and even vowed to take Facebook to court.

They released a statement claiming their page had been unpublished.


The added:

It means that our 1.1 million supporters have been denied freedom of speech and expression. An immediate legal fund to drag Facebook into court has been launched.

Facebook has launched a fascist attack on a registered, legal British political party on the verge of a major election campaign.

bfrBritain First

The page may have recorded it’s largest number of followers, but its claims that it is a “genuine popular support of ideals, policies and views” has been heavily contested by many people.

The page is now back up, but there are concerns over if it should be, with the page using photos of murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby without the consent of his family.

This is in addition to two photographs of British soldiers and Sea Cadets having to be removed as they were against the wishes of the people in the photos.