Britain First Campaign Against Kid’s Tree House In Hilarious C*ck Up

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jun 2016 19:31

Britain First have successfully made themselves look even stupider with a campaign to ‘save’ Sherwood Forest from immigrants.


The far right activists have jumped on rumours that a migrant camp was established in the historic wood, and set about flyering the local area to spread their agenda.

The problem is – there is no such camp, just an old tree house built by some bored kids back in 2010.


Britain First is shocked to learn of the reports in the media that state that Sherwood Forest has been invaded by migrants who are chopping down trees, killing deer and threatening people with knives.

Posted by Britain First on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

As reported by the Nottingham Evening Post, Brad Dury told the Mansfield Chad:


The truth is me and a few friends just decided to build it in 2010 when we were bored in the summer. We wanted somewhere to camp and have a party, as you do.

We never chopped down any of the trees, we used ones that had already been knocked down and pieced it all together. It took about five of us to put the arched trunk up there.

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In their video, deputy leader of the group Jayda Fransen says:

You may have seen reports in the media that migrants have set up illegal camps in Sherwood Forest, and within these camps they have been causing a huge amount of disturbance everywhere and they have been cutting and hacking at trees.

Locals have been threatened by these migrants occupying these illegal camps. It really is an issue round here.

Britain First couldn’t even be arsed to make it all the way to the ‘camp’ in their video, which probably tells you how much of an ‘issue’ it really is.

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People’s Assembly secretary Stewart Halforty has spoken out to discredit the video, but also to air concern that it could stoke unnecessary tension.

He said:


Things like this whip up hatred no matter how silly they seem.

Britain First have a large following on Facebook and ideas like this can take hold if they aren’t challenged.

Our country has always been tolerant and we should continue to welcome people as we always have done.

We should do everything we can to make sure our strong social bonds are not weakened by this kind of thing.


But why let something so trivial as facts get in the way of the opportunity to propagate hate, hey Jayda?

Still, such embarrassing efforts to enter the political sphere can hopefully only harm Britain First’s appalling reputation.

One thing was made clear in the video – litter does seem to be a problem in the area. So please, keep Britain tidy. If you receive a Britain First flyer, don’t just throw it on the floor – recycle so that the materials can be put to better use.

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