Britain To Get Rid Of Clock Changes After New EU Rule

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Britain could be about to get rid of the annual changing of the clocks, thanks to an EU ruling.

The new ruling, which is being dictated by the European Union, will mean all European countries will stay on a single time zone all year round.


And it’s looking likely the UK will follow suit – despite us being set to leave the EU in just three months time because of Brexit.

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As reported by the Metro, official emails – released under the Freedom of Information Act – reveal Britain is set to adopt British Summer Time permanently, getting rid of Greenwich Mean Time for good.

In simple terms, we won’t need to move our clocks forwards (or backwards) anymore – which will save us some confusion at least!


The news is set to be welcomed by millions of Brits, who are fed up of the long winter nights. Adopting British Summer Time will mean we’ll get an extra hour of sunshine (okay, maybe not – daylight) in the evenings.


Countries within the EU reportedly have until April to decide which time zone they want to be in permanently. Initially there was uncertainty regarding what would happen to the UK’s clocks when the new rules come into force in October 2019.

However the emails which have been released, suggest the government is likely to follow in Brussels’ footsteps and propose Britain stay on summer time all year round.


As reported by the Daily Mail, emails were exchanged between officials in London and in Belfast, with one senior Department for Education official implying Britain would favour BST.

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The official wrote in the email:

My impression… is that officials’ advice is likely to be in favour of adopting British Summer Time all year.


The email also raised concerns over the different time zones that will exist between the Republic of Ireland – which will remain a member of the EU – and Northern Ireland.

It read:

It could potentially create a need to put clocks back when crossing the border from south to north.

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So despite the new rules making life less confusing for a lot of people, for those in Ireland, it could be a different matter.

For example, if the UK decided not to follow the EU’s rulings, Dublin could be left in a different time zone for much of the year as it sticks to either winter or summer time under the EU’s new proposals.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the EU Commission said ‘millions’ were in favour of getting rid of clock changes, after receiving 4.6 million responses to a public consultation across the EU’s 28 countries.

However, it’s since emerged more than three million of these responses were from Germans; around 41,000 were from French citizens, and 13,000 from Britain.

British campaigners have welcomed the move to British Summer Time, however, Errol Taylor – Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – said it could prevent an ‘early curfew’ on the elderly.

Now, if only we could get the summer weather…

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