Britain First’s Anti-Mosque Rally Backfires In Most British Way Imaginable

by : UNILAD on : 18 Oct 2015 16:16
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Britain First were left red faced after seeing their protest against the opening of a mosque in Burton backfire dramatically.


Their march had around 210 people supporting them, but not for the first time, they were met with a larger counter protest.

Said counter protest, that aimed to show Britain is a multicultural country, and one that does not tolerate racism, had 250 people.

The far right group have stated that they want to ‘remove all traces of Islam’ from Britain, and were met by a very British sign – telling them to ‘stop being silly’.


There are also reports that a local mosque was handing out free tea and coffee, along with biscuits, for demonstrators.

anti mos webanti mos webIan Francis

Campaign group ‘Exposing Britain First’ have received £1,000 in donations to help refugees after a JustGiving campagin sponsoring the march.

Organiser Andrew claimed:

I thought that it would make much more sense if their efforts could be put to good use in raising money for desperate refugees here in the UK.

This way, the haters will be doing good for the targets of their hate.

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