Britain’s First Transgender Parents Say Baby Girl Is ‘A Dream Come True’

by : Cameron Frew on : 30 Apr 2020 12:48
Britain's First Transgender Parents Say Baby Girl Is 'A Dream Come True'Britain's First Transgender Parents Say Baby Girl Is 'A Dream Come True'@jake_graf5/Instagram

For Britain’s first transgender parents, the last two weeks have been ‘a dream come true’ after they welcomed little Millie into the world. 

Hannah and Jake Graf’s baby girl was born on April 16 via a surrogate mother, using the eggs Jake froze before transitioning in 2008.

The couple hopes their story gives some form of inspiration to others, showing ‘just because you’re trans doesn’t mean you should settle for less than welcome to all the joys of life, the same as everyone else’.


Hannah, 32, and Jake, 41, recently appeared on Good Morning Britain with Millie to discuss their journey to parenthood.

Jake said: 

I’ve wanted to be a father since I was probably early 20s. I knew that I wanted to be a parent, I’ve always looked after kids. I’ve looked after other people’s kids, I’ve worked with children for about 15-20 years of my life, and I just always knew that I wanted to be a dad and I never thought that it was possible, and obviously you know, I kind of allowed for that.

Even if I’d be the single dad, I had genetic material taken and frozen so that one day I could do it despite, you know against the odds. And then I was very, very fortunate to meet my beautiful wife.


Hannah – formerly one of the highest-ranking transgender officers in the British Army – met Jake back in 2015, and the two married three years later. Despite his wife’s Sandhurst military training, Jake says getting into a newborn routine is ‘a tough shift’.

He added: 

We sort of feel like we we kind of feel we’ve got a bit of a routine going. I’m doing the early shift from about seven till about one in the morning, and then I pop her into Hannah and then Hannah has the kind of graveyard shift at the moment. This may change, and during the day, I take care of my poor wife, because despite her Sandhurst military training, it’s a tough shift.


After five years of wanting to be parents, they still can’t quite believe Millie is actually here. ‘I spend a lot of time just staring, because I genuinely never ever thought that we would be here and it is a dream come true,’ Jake said.

As for the unnamed surrogate mother, she will remain in their lives as a family friend. ‘She is such an amazing woman. We have nothing but awe and love for her. She is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met,’ Hannah added.


Discussing the significance of having a baby with Jake, Hannah explained: 

I just never thought I would, you know, be in a position to be in a relationship or be married or have kids. Growing up as a young transgender person, I just felt that I was unlovable, because that is what the mainstream media and that is what you know everyone in society is telling you.

We just want all the trans people to know that just because you’re trans doesn’t mean you should settle for less than welcome to all the joys of life, the same as everyone else.

Congratulations Hannah and Jake, from all of us at UNILAD!

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