Britain’s Got Talent Star Banned For This Death-Defying Act


The most dangerous act on this years’ Britains Got Talent is so risky it’s been banned from filming live during the semi-finals.

Sword swallower and BGT favourite Alex Magala has previously confessed that his death-defying acts put his life at risk, and he’s now been ordered by ITV to pre-record his performance in case it goes wrong.

During his first audition, producers ensured that paramedics were on standby when he dropped from the ceiling with a sword down his throat. And his latest performance has proved even more dangerous – climbing a pole blindfolded before sliding down, stopping just inches from spinning power drills.


The 26-year-old revealed he tried to persuade producers to let him perform live along with the other semi-finalists, but they refused, saying there is no ‘safety button’ on his act.

He told The Sun:

I reassured them that I would be in control all the time – but I have never done this stunt before. It could be a revolution in the world of sword-swallowing.

But if even the slightest little thing – a wrong angle, a glitch in the music – goes wrong, it will break my concentration and it could be a massive disaster.


According to The Standard, broadcasting watchdog Ofcom received 28 complaints after Magala’s episode aired, with many of them related to the graphic nature of his sword swallowing act.

I think most people would back the producers on their decision to ban live filming, though – a sword-swallowing act gone wrong doesn’t sound too child-friendly, or suitable for live TV.

Here’s Magala’s performance that has everyone talking: