‘Britain’s Most Haunted House’ For Sale After Owner Traumatised By ‘Demonic Goat’

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Feb 2016 11:22

‘The Most haunted house in Britain’ is up for sale after its owner claimed she was traumatised by the spectre of a demonic goat.

When Vanessa Mitchell, 43, moved into her new cottage, known as the Cage, in 2004 she wasn’t aware of its spooky reputation.


However, since she moved in Vanessa has seen a number of ghostly figures, been pushed over while heavily pregnant, smacked on the arse by an invisible hand and seen mysterious blood splatters appear on the floor, The Mirror report.

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The property, which was a medieval prison, has a ghastly history and hosted one of England’s most famous witch hunts where eight women died after being accused of witchcraft in the 16th Century.

Vanessa has managed to keep her cursed cottage for 11 years – making her the second longest-lasting owner, with previous owners selling up  in under four years.


However she’s now putting the Cage up for auction after horrifying CCTV footage revealed what she says is the face of a demonic goat, which she believes confirms the presence of a dark spirits.

Vanessa said:

I honestly believe the house is cursed, I have lived there for years but for me seeing a tall dark figure standing between me and my son’s cot was the final straw for me.

Footage from the past couple of weeks shows the picture of a satanic goat which just reaffirms that the place is haunted by something malevolent.

There’s something evil there in there, something demonic, whatever it is that’s keeping the other spirits trapped inside.

I’m selling the house now because the house is getting worse, we’re catching evidence all the time of the tortured spirits inside. I’ve had every medium, psychic and investigator in there to try and get rid of what’s in there.


While the house is up for sale she’s continuing to investigate the house’s troubled history in the hope of discovering why it’s so haunted.

She said:

It’s very rarely that I go back to the house, I never go back on my own, I try to not step foot in the house – I know what’s in there and don’t want to go in because whatever is in there recognises me.

So if you fancy a house share with Satan why not put a bid in? Who knows you may get on.

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