Britain’s Press Has A Strong Media Bias, But It Might Not Be What You Think

by : UNILAD on : 08 Feb 2016 11:36

A recently published survey has revealed that Britain has the most ‘biased’ and ‘right-wing’ press in Europe.

According to the Independent, the study conducted by YouGov surveyed people from seven European countries to find out how they perceived the press in their own country.

Participants in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland were asked whether they thought their country’s media coverage of five key issues was too left-wing, too right-wing, or balanced.


The five policy areas analysed were immigration, housing, health, economics and crime.


The surprising results found that 26 per cent of British people thought their media was ‘too right-wing’ – more than in any of the other nations surveyed – while 17 per cent felt it was ‘too left-wing’.

The only other country who seemed to feel their press was skewed to the right was Finland, with 23 per cent of those surveyed feeling there was a right-wing bias in the media.


According to the survey, the five other countries thought their own media tended towards a left-wing bias.

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Over all the countries an average of 32 per cent of people felt media coverage of the five key issues struck ‘about the right balance’.

The real difference in the British press concerned coverage of the refugee crisis – only 18 per cent of people felt the media provided a responsible representation – and immigration in general, with 29 per cent thinking the British media was too right-wing on the issue.

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    British media 'most right-wing' in Europe, YouGov survey finds