Britain’s Rarest Animal Has Been Spotted In Yorkshire

by : UNILAD on : 27 Sep 2015 10:50
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The rarest animal in Britain has been spotted in none other than North Yorkshire, after one man caught a black fox on camera.


Robert Fuller was notified by one of his neighbours that a fox had been prowling around his property, and upon taking a closer look, he realised it was a black fox – the rarest animal in Britain.

The wildlife photographer from North Yorkshire recognised the fox immediately due to his line of work, and began taking pictures of the creature, to document seeing it.


Usually, when a fox matures, its fur will turn into a reddish colour, but with a small number of foxes, they will stay black.


The genetic defect makes them seriously rare, which has led to the foxes being hunted for their fur – hence their increasing rarity.

Black foxes were previously seen as bad omens in medieval times, much like black cats can be now.


In North America, the foxes are slightly more common, but to see one on our shores is certainly a sight to be savoured, and thanks to Fuller, we can at least enjoy the pictures.

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