Britain’s Youngest EuroMillions Winner Unrecognisable After Allergic Reaction To Brazilian Bum Lift


You may remember Jane Park, not necessarily for the name, but as the young woman who became Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner.

The 21-year-old, who won £1million when she was just 17, has hit the headlines numerous times over the years.

The youngster from Edinburgh claimed in February that she was considering suing Camelot, claiming her life would have been ‘ten times better’ had she not won the money at such a young age – that’s despite the fact she’s got herself a house, numerous flash cars, and a breast augmentation.

Well it seems her latest spend has proved a little bit costly to her appearance.

Jane travelled to Turkey last week for a Brazilian bum lift operation but has been left ‘unrecognisable’.

It’s been reported that the millionaire suffered a severe reaction to the anaesthetic, which has left her face and lips severely swollen, reports the Mirror.

A source said:

She flew to Turkey with a friend last week and spent a couple of days enjoying the luxuries provided by the celebrity clinic where she had the operation.

But once she came round from the treatment, she started to panic.

Her face had swollen dramatically as a result of the anaesthetic – she was really frightened but the doctors told her it would go down.

It’s believed that the 21-year-old has now spent about £50,000 of her winnings on cosmetic procedures.

Jane was so young when she won the money back in 2013 that officals had to put Irn Bru in her champagne flute for her press shoot after the win.

At the time, she vowed to spend it on a customised white Range Rover with pink trim, a season ticket for her beloved Hibernian football team and a holiday in Ibiza with her friends.

@JanePArkx / Twitter

Miss Park has also reportedly spent nearly £4,000 on plastic surgery to increase her bust size to a 36FF – which she hit headlines for again last Haloween when she flashed her chest on a night out.

She bought herself a house in Prestonpans, Scotland, for £169,995 but recently sold it at a £20,000 profit after four years, because she reportedly wanted to move back in with her mother after feeling lonely.

A friend revealed that Jane would consider parting with the £30,000-£50,000 for a chauffeur as it would be ‘money well spent’.