British Airways Unveils Their New INSANE First Class Cabin


If you’ve got £2,500 burning a hole in your back pocket, then British Airways have you covered with their ridiculously lavish new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

The aircraft will have a completely new first class for eight lucky travellers, as opposed to 14 on current long haul BA flights. Among other things, passengers will be able to enjoy a split-screen entertainment system, fully reclining seats and a smartphone-like handset.

Built around customer feedback, BA say the cabin has been created with comfort in mind. So much so, that there’s apparently a compartment for everything. Shoes, handbags, passports, tablets and just about anything else you might have on you can be slotted away somewhere, and there are even mirrors fitted in locker doors for flyers to admire their own richness.

The smartphone/ handset will act as a remote for the 23-inch mounted screen as well as controlling such things as headrest angle, lumber support and ambient lighting. It’s also likely to summon a poor person to perform a crude dance as you sit, unamused in your own smug-bubble.

The Dreamliner is set to begin flying from Heathrow to Abu-Dhabi and Muscat on 5 November, before adding other destinations like Austin to its flight path.