British Astronaut Tim Peake Captures Incredible Photo Of UK From Space

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2016 13:46
Gareth Fuller/PA

Alongside the essential work Tim Peake is completing on board the International Space Station, he’s also proving a dab hand at photography.


The latest snaps he’s captured from above the Earth are some stunning shots of the UK and France at night.

Although they are clear examples as to the extent of light pollution in major European cities they’re still beautiful.

Check them out:


According to Mashable, Peake said in the Flickr caption for the above photo:

Looking to the East along the Channel with UK on the left and France on the right. The streetlights from the densely populated London, Paris and Brussels glow brightly in the centre of the picture.

Eastenders eat your heart out.

Russia and Italy have also received the Peake treatment in recent weeks.


And, of course, there have been some amazing shots of the Aurora Borealis too.

So, if being the first Briton to ever walk in space doesn’t lead to further missions in the cosmos, Peake probably has a bright future as a photographer.

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