British CSI Reveals Simple Making A Murderer Clue That Everyone Missed

by : UNILAD on : 11 Mar 2016 14:33
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It’s been almost three months since docu-series Making A Murderer hit our Netflix screens and it seems we still can’t get enough of it.


But while the world still deliberates over whether Steven Avery is guilty (or not) of killing Teresa Halbach, a British crime scene investigator has pointed out a clue to us that we’ve all seemed to miss.

Chris Gee – from Sussex Police – has gone all Dexter on us and has had an in-depth look at the blood stains that were found in Teresa’s car when it was discovered.

Sussex Police/YouTube

And his theory concerning the bloodstain left next to the vehicle’s ignition could throw the evidence into doubt.


In the video, Chris explains:

It’s not spherical, it’s got quite a bit of movement to it. I think that was left by a contact. For example, if I’ve shaken hands with Steven Avery, he’s got blood on his hands, it’s gone on to my hands and I’ve entered that vehicle. Then I could be the one who deposited Steven Avery’s blood that way. We cannot prove who has had the blood on them at the time.

Chris also turns his attention to the blood stain found on the car door. He believes it is a ‘passive stain’, which must have been formed by wet blood.

He goes on to explain that the person who lost the blood must have been bleeding at the time and the car door must have been opened to allow it to drip onto the inside panel.

Avery, 53, has now almost been back behind bars for a decade after being found guilty of murder.

His nephew Brendan Dassey was also latter arrested after admitting to also playing a part in the brutal murder and is currently serving a life sentence.

Sussex Police/YouTube

But since the documentary aired, hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition which demands that the pair are given a re-trial.

And now lawyer Kathleen Zellner and her Chicago-based firm will represent Avery, which could see another twist in this epic tale.


It seems this controversial case is far from over.

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