British Far-Right Is More Openly Racist After Black Lives Matter Protests, Report Finds

by : Julia Banim on : 16 Aug 2020 12:21
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A worrying new report from Hope Not Hate has found that the British far right is becoming more openly racist following the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

For many years, the far-right has been focused on Islamophobic views espoused by leaders such as Tommy Robinson. However, there now appears to be a more overtly racist focus, with a greater emphasis placed on White nationalism and the unashamed veneration of fascism.


This report focuses on the growth of the Patriotic Alternative group, an extreme White nationalist organisation launched in September 2019. This group openly calls for those who are not White to be ejected from the UK, suggesting a ‘shift towards more openly racial politics’.

This study, due to be published August 17, has been seen exclusively by The Independent, and shows how far-right activists have become ‘much more extreme ideologically’ in recent times.

Author Simon Murdoch explained that increased migrant boat crossings over the English Channel as well as anger over so-called ‘cancel culture’ has had an influence.


However, it’s believed that the far-right backlash to the Black Lives Matter protests has had the most significant impact, reportedly leading to ‘more willingness to discuss race generally across the far right’.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter protests were sparked all across the globe, speaking out against police brutality and systematic racism.

White nationalists expressed anger over the protests, with various violent counter-protests springing up across the country. At these counter protests, White nationalists were recorded making ‘White power’ gestures and using racist language.


As reported by The Independent, Murdoch explained that Patriotic Alternative appears to be capitalising on a ‘sense of rootlessness’ felt by the British far-right during the ongoing pandemic:

Black Lives Matter, the anti-government elements of coronavirus and the economic downturn are grist to the mill for them but they’ve lacked a sense of direction.

Despite grossly exaggerating their size and influence, Patriotic Alternative could be the group that unites the fractured, ageing UK far right, injecting it with young activists. They could present a real threat given their extreme views.

The Patriotic Alternative website puts forward extreme measures to protect who they regard to be ‘the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom’, apparently working towards preventing the so-called eradication of ‘native British’ people.

These measures would include bringing immigration to a complete stop, as well as paying people ‘of immigrant descent […] to return to their ancestral homelands’.


Since its beginnings less than one year ago, Patriot Alternative has begun to unite fractured elements of the the UK fascist scene, and has also managed attracted various far-right social media influencers.

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