British General Warns UK Powerless To Protect Itself From Russian Attack

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A British general has warned that the country would not be able to defend itself if Russia launched an all out attack.

General Sir Richard Barrons sent a ten page document to the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon outlining Britain’s position should Russia attack the UK, The Telegraph reports.

The general claims that the British army is unprepared for a large scale conflict as it hasn’t carried out any full-scale wars in a long time and criticised the idea that modern war was ‘small and quick’.

800px-richard_barronsGeneral Sir Richard Barrons - Wikimedia

He explained:

The current army has grown used to operating from safe bases in the middle of its operating area, against opponents who do not manoeuvre at scale.

Sir Richard also added that our armed forces have become used to fighting against opponents who have no protected mobility, no air defence, no substantial artillery and no electronic warfare capability, leaving them unprepared for fighting a modern force.

Barron’s analysis comes after the government decided to boost defence spending by £5billion by 2020/21 to meet Nato’s target to spend 2 per cent of GDP on defence for the rest of the decade.

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Six months ago General Barrons claimed British soldiers were unprepared for war and afraid of their weapons because health and safety rules for training were being misinterpreted.

In the last few months a number of publications have reported an escalating arms war between Russia and NATO in the Baltic states, sparking fears of an all out war.