British Granny Sentenced To Be Shot Meets Granddaughter For First Time


One British woman who is on death row in Bali has met her granddaughter for the first, and possibly last time.

Lindsay Sandiford is on death row for smuggling drugs, and faced being shot in only eight days time, on September 21st.

Her granddaughter, Ayla, was born seven months after her arrest in 2012, and Sandiford had to plead with her family to bring the little girl out to Bali to meet her.

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She was also reunited with her 26 year old son, Lewis, for the first time since her arrest.

Sandiford has been granted a stay of execution, and is currently trying to raise the £25,000 she needs to appeal the death penalty conviction.

She was handed the sentence after being caught with 10.5lbs of cocaine in her suitcase after flying from Bali from Bangkok, Thailand, and previously claimed it would be better if her granddaughter didn’t know her, but has clearly had a change of hear since then.

She claimed:

I’m so glad they came. It’s been absolutely fantastic.

On their first visit my son walked into the visiting room and said, “There’s your grandma” and she just put her arms out to me to pick her up. She was nestling up against me and kissing me.

I gave her a fairy outfit because she loves Cinderella. She went around to all the prison guards and blew kisses at them and waved her wand and said, “I’m doing magic.” She’s so precious.

I’m so glad I had the chance to meet her. Ayla is the most important thing in my life and no one can take this away from me now. She’s an absolute delight – she’s the sweetest baby I’ve ever met.