British Hero Describes Moment He Saved Wheelchair-Bound Mum From Dubai Hotel Inferno

Bjoern Lauen : Barcroft MediaBjoern Lauen/Barcroft Media

If you haven’t heard already, a massive fire engulfed a luxury hotel in Dubai last night.

And a story has now emerged of a hero who carried his wheelchair-bound mother to safety.

Angus Villar, from Britain, was alerted to the fire at the Address Downtown hotel by his dad as they drank champagne on their 15th floor balcony, The Independent reported.

Mr Villar told Sky News:

I went out on the balcony and saw that the room next door to us was completely on fire.

We got to the fire escape before the fire alarm had gone off at which point there were already people running into the corridors and panicking. It was basically absolute pandemonium.

You’d expect people to let women and children go first, but it was pretty much people shoving each other down the stairs and climbing over each other.

Mr Villar said he managed to save his mum by strapping her to his back and carrying her down the stairs, adding that the fire alarm didn’t go off until the hotel was ‘properly on fire’.

Luckily no one was killed during the blaze, although 14 people were reportedly slightly injured.

The cause of the fire at the Address hotel – the sixth tallest building in Dubai – is still unclear.