British ISIS Fighter Carries Out Suicide Attack In Iraq

Abu Musa al-Britani

The Islamic State have claimed that a British suicide bomber was one of the five who detonated themselves in Western Iraq today (Monday).

The man, known as Abu Musa al-Britani, was reportedly among the five bombers whose fatal attack killed six Iraqi soldiers at a checkpoint in the Anbar province.

The terrorists drove vehicles full to the brim with explosives towards the checkpoint before detonating the devices, reports the Daily Mail.

However, the Brit was not the only foreigner to allegedly blow himself up, as the terrorist group has claimed that there were many more foreigners involved.

A senior officer in the Iraqi Army claimed that 25 jihadists launched the attack and the majority of them were wearing suicide vests.

All of the attackers were killed in a bloody five hour fire fight, which included the use of American air strikes.

In a statement posted on social media claiming responsibility for the attack, the extremist group gave names of five ‘martyrdom knights’ which suggests that at least four of the bombers were foreigners.

Out of the four was a Frenchman, named as Abu Zubayr al-Faransi, as well as al-Britani, a Jordanian and Turkish man.

Members of the Free Syrian Army

This breaking news comes as fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces continue the fight in Syria, and claim to be merely 20 miles away from the Islamic State’s self proclaimed Syrian capital of Raqqa.