British ISIS Fighters ‘Must Be Killed’, Says Minister


A Minister claimed killing British volunteers of so-called Islamic State is the ‘only way’ to ensure the security of the United Kingdom.

Stewart, who is a diplomat and a member of the Conservative Party, gave his frank opinion about converts to ISIS on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics show, saying they believe in an ‘extremely hateful doctrine’ therefore forfeiting any allegiance to the UK.

He also added they should expect to be killed as they pose a ‘serious danger’ to the country’s security.

The government has supported his comments saying they fall in line with its stance on terrorism.


Stewart’s comments echo those of Brett McGurk, a high ranking US envoy for the coalition forces fighting IS in Syria, who stated his mission was to make sure every foreign fighter in the country dies there.

When pressed about his comments by Radio 5 Live host John Pienaar, Stewart admitted to having ‘very difficult moral issues’.

He told Pienaar:

They are absolutely dedicated, as members of the Islamic State, towards the creation of a caliphate.

They believe in an extremely hateful doctrine which involves killing themselves, killing others and trying to use violence and brutality to create an 8th Century, or 7th Century, state.

So I’m afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are a serious danger to us, and unfortunately, the only way of dealing with them will be, in almost every case, to kill them.


Stewarts’s comments are in direct contrast with those of independent reviewers of terrorism legislation, they recently explained to the BBC Brits who join the terrorist organisation should be shown leniency if they return home due to the ‘naivety’ of their decision.

UK authorities should look to forms of rehabilitation and reintegration into society, according to Max Hill QC.

However the government has said Stewart’s remarks fall in line with the position made this month by Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.


Sir Michael reiterated British IS fighters in Syria and Iraq have turned themselves into ‘a legitimate target’ who may end up on ‘the wrong end of an RAF or USAF missile’.

Those comments were made after it was reported Sally-Anne Jones, who fled to Syria with her 11-year-old son JoJo – now known as Hamza – to join the extremist group and her now-slain husband Junaid Hussain, was killed in a US drone strike in June.

Andrew Parker, head of MI5, has revealed more than 130 British citizens who travelled to Syria to fight on Behalf of the terrorist organisation have died.