British Muslim Family Banned From Disneyland Trip By U.S. Security

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It looks like Donald Trumps ridiculous views are already being put into action in the U.S…

A British Muslim family were banned from a dream trip to Disneyland by U.S. border guards, just minutes before boarding a flight at Gatwick Airport.


Mohammad Tariq Mahmood’s family of 11 – including nine children – were denied a holiday of a lifetime, costing £9,000.

They say a U.S. Department of Homeland Security official gave them no reason for cancelling their permission to fly to Los Angeles.


Today he revealed that he was ‘devastated’ and that the decision to not allow them to travel to the U.S. had left his children in tears.

His local MP for Wathamstow, Stella Creasy, has now written to Prime Minister David Cameron to challenge the U.S. and step in after the ‘harsh’ decision and suggesting that more families are affected.

Speaking to The Mirror, the Labour back-bencher said:

This is not just one family, this is a growing issue. A lot of residents are now saying they won’t even bother trying to fly to the States. We don’t know how many families are affected and what monitoring they do. Nobody knows what’s going on here. Surely there’s more information to be had here? What I am worried about is the fear of isolation among the Muslim community. There are people trying to divide my local community along religious groups and this sort of issue feeds that division.

Downing Street said it was looking into the family’s claims.


The family were originally approved under the Visa Waiver programme – which allowed up to 90 days in the U.S. – but he believes the reason he’d been banned was ‘obvious’.

Speaking to ITV News, he said:

It’s devastating. It’s like we were alienated, the way we were just taken out of the room. [The children] were devastated, they were really heartbroken. They had tears in their eyes because that was something for them. They had been planning this for months.

He added that he believes American now think ‘every Muslim poses a threat’.

Mohammed was travelling with his brother and nine of their children to visit relatives in Southern California, where they would have gone to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Reuters/Dominick Reuter

The ban came just days after Donald Trump called for ‘a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States’.

Talking of right-wing bigots, Katie Hopkins also waded in with her bullshit opinions as always and it’s fair to say they’re pretty fucking ridiculous.

We can’t allow people like this to influence how we think or these sort of awful incidents are going to become a lot more regularly…