British Muslims Reveal Islamaphobia They Face Every Day


Following last year’s tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, Islamophobia has dramatically increased in Britain.

According to Dazed, it has actually increased by an alarming 300 per cent on our streets, with most victims being young Muslim women wearing traditional hijabs.

Some young Muslims are now speaking out against the prejudice they are so often confronted with.

In the video below, one woman explains that it doesn’t seem to matter to many citizens what she contributes to society, she will continue to be treated as an outsider.

She said:

I’ve lived here for 20 years, I’ve gone to school here, my family all live here, we work, I vote, I do everything I can in my capacity to fit in here, and that will never be enough for some people I guess.

Check it out:

Shocking. Ultimately, there’s no justification for attacking strangers on the street, verbally or otherwise.