British OAP Rescued From Atlantic After Trying To Swim To Cruise Ship

by : Tom Percival on : 29 Mar 2016 14:12

A British holidaymaker had to be rescued when she tried to swim after a cruise liner that she thought her husband was on. 


Susan Brown, 65, jumped into the Atlantic and attempted to swim after the Marco Polo cruise liner as it left Funchal, Madeira, according to the Independent.

Felix Marques, the commander of the captaincy of Funchal told local paper Correio Da Manha that Ms Brown was already 500 metres out to sea when fishermen heard her screaming.


Ms Brown was thankfully rescued and quickly rushed to intensive care where she was treated for hypothermia.


She explained to hospital officials that she had thought her husband was on board after changing his mind about flying back to the UK with her.

Reports say she and her husband had decided to cut their trip short and bought tickets to fly back to the UK, rather than return to the boat.

While at the airport she apparently lost sight of her husband and then went after the ship, thinking he had changed his mind about flying back early.

Brown was later transferred to a psychiatric unit at Nelio Mendonca Hospital.

A spokesperson from Cruise and Maritime Voyages, who operates the Marco Polo said they understood Mr Brown to have flown back to the UK. He’s now expected to fly back to Madeira for an emotional reunion with his wife.

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    British woman rescued from Atlantic waters after swimming after a cruise liner she thought her husband was on