British Police Force Forced To Delete This Offensive Nazi Tweet


Greater Manchester Police have been forced to delete an ‘offensive and insensitive’ tweet of two men dressed in Nazi uniform.

The police force’s traffic account posted pictures of the men standing next to a German military Kübelwagen, wearing SS uniforms.

The photo’s caption read: “These two likely lads trying to invade.”


The picture was slammed for being disrespectful to the Jewish community and veterans, and has since been deleted after sparking outrage on Sunday.

The police force wrote: “It has been removed and we will speak to those involved. It was unacceptable.”

Shulem Stern, a member of Jewish neighbourhood watch Shomrim whose grandmother is a holocaust survivor, tweeted at Greater Manchester Police before they deleted the tweet, the Huffington Post reports.

He later tweeted that the ‘insensitive SS uniform tweet’ had been removed before re-tweeting an apology from Greater Manchester Police.

Stern told the BBC:

The Nazis rounded up millions of innocent people, including my great-grandfather, great-grandmother and their two young boys aged just two and six..they were taken to Auschwitz where they were murdered, simply because they were Jewish.

To wear the SS uniform at a show about World War Two is one thing, but to dress like that in public, is likely to cause offence to any person who lost close relatives… as well as veterans and their relatives.

Hopefully this is the last Nazi-themed tweet we see from a police force.