British Prisoners Filmed Cutting Up Massive Drug Haul In Their Cell


Images have emerged that appear to show prison inmates cutting up hash that had allegedly been dropped off by a drone.

The pictures – taken from a video allegedly filmed in a jail in London – seem to show a prisoner cutting up the nine ounce bar of cannabis resin with a large blade, reports the Daily Star. 

The block has a street value of nearly £1,000, but behind bars its value is almost three times that. The footage is apparently meant to ridicule government pledges to improve prison security.


A source told The Mirror: 

The drug was dropped off by a drone. There were others sent as test runs. The big block was the main one and it arrived without a hitch.

The guy is chopping up thousands of pounds worth of drugs bold as brass and no one’s batting an eyelid.

The source claims that prison officers are aware of the contraband coming into jails but can’t do anything to stop it.

Ex prison officer Joe Chapman said: 

This is appalling footage. Not only has a quarter kilo of cannabis been smuggled in, but it’s being cut with a five-inch knife that can be used to maim or murder.


According to reports, drones are becoming an increasingly popular method for smuggling items into UK prisons.

Official figures have shown there were 33 incidents involving drones in 2015, compared to two in 2014 and none in 2013.

The master criminal is always one step ahead…