British Soldier Reveals ISIS Are Now Using Child Suicide Bombers


A British man fighting Daesh has revealed the terror group are now using child suicide bombers.

Former banker Macer Gifford, 29, currently fighting with the Kurdish YPG group in Northern Syria, revealed desperate Daesh chiefs are using any means at their disposal to defend their territory, reports The Mirror.

macergifford1Macer Gifford/Facebook

He told The Mirror:

Raqqa is now there for the taking and they know it, their desperation is palpable. They have started strapping bombs to children and force them to run at enemy lines.

We had children running at us, blowing themselves up daily. The youngest one we came across was just 13.

These aren’t ISIS recruits, they’re terrified conscripts forced into a war they know nothing about.

He also claims coalition forces are preparing a huge assault on the terrorists’ stronghold of Raqqa with as many as 150 American special forces supporting other undercover troops.

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Mr Gifford – who gave up his finance job to fight because he felt the West was not doing enough to support the Kurds said:

ISIS are on their last legs. They are desperate now and the noose is tightening.

It’s believed the next operation is to take Raqqa itself – it’s going to be massive and be coordinated by the Americans.

You have to think of it like a pincer movement, like the horns of bull, the pincers are in place and now it is time for the main offensive.

Leaders hope the assault on Raqqa will put Daesh under even greater pressure after recent estimates suggest the extremists have lost 25,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria in the last 18 months.

macergifford2Macer Gifford/Facebook

And it sounds like Mr Gifford agrees:

The next operation is going to define the battle against ISIS and I feel we could be marching into Raqqa sooner than people think.

For the sake of the civilians caught up in this, let’s hope so.

 – Macer Gifford has no connection with a man of the same name, who currently lives in Oxfordshire and has never has been involved with the fight against Daesh.