British Soldiers ‘Invade’ US To Save Horrified Citizens From Donald Trump


It’s pretty surprising that Fox News didn’t freak the fuck out about a pending British ‘invasion’ after a group of soldiers joked with an American reporter that they were in fact invading Washington DC to save US citizens from Donald Trump…

The controversial wig-wearing wannabe politician has split opinion during the Republican leadership contest after several sexist and racist comments, but most prominently spouting off a ton of hate about Mexican immigrants. But despite all this, he still looks a likely frontrunner at next years presidential election. God, imagine his hand hovering over the red button – terrifying.


Benny Johnson, a Washington-based reporter for American news website the Independent Journal Review wrote:

Me: “Hey guys, nice bagpipes. Who are you with?

Guy with bagpipes: “The British Army.”

Me: “Not every day ya see the British Army marching on Capitol Hill.”

Soldier on the far left: “We saw Donald Trump was about to become President so we thought it was a good time to invade and help you out.”

By the looks of it, people on the Twittersphere seemed rather keen…

Well someone’s gotta do it I guess. Imagine in 2020 Donald Trump and Boris Johnson running the U.S. and U.K.- now that would definitely be a ‘special’ relationship…

If that happens I will be moving to the fucking moon.