British Woman And Boyfriend ‘Beaten Senseless By Magaluf Hotel Bouncers’ In Sick Video

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This is the sickening footage which captured the moment security guards at a four-star hotel in Magaluf beat a British tourist to a pulp while also attacking his girlfriend.


Staying at the BH Mallorca Hotel, Brit DJ Alex Henderson and his girlfriend Robbie Hofmann, were set upon by the security guards after Robbie reportedly ‘threw a plastic cup at one of them’, reports the Mirror.

Admittedly, that’s an irritating thing to do, and although we don’t know all of the background to the story, this is still a massive overreaction which has left Alex with an incredibly bust up face.


He was apparently left ‘helpless and purple’ after staff ‘kicked his head in’.


In the harrowing footage, onlookers watch the endless tirade of violence inflicted on Alex while a woman in a bikini, thought to be Robbie, is restrained by one of the other security guards.

At one point, Alex, who goes under the name Alex Prospect for his Hardcore DJ work, appears to be struck in the face – to which the onlookers all gasp upon seeing.

Following the horrific act, BH Mallorca released a statement saying the guards are no longer welcome at the hotel – although it certainly makes you wonder if anything like this has happened before without being caught on camera.


The video was first uploaded to Facebook by Alex’s friend Wayne Clarkey yesterday and, as you can probably imagine, it went viral very quickly.

Wayne later said that Alex, who had a resident DJ spot at central London party hotspot The Gallery, was ‘only cut and very badly bruised’.

A witness also posted his account of the events:

I seen the whole thing from the balcony as I’m staying at bh myself block 8 room 101.

I had a perfect view the security where absolutely brutal even when the had the lad pinned down they where still laying into him and then when they got the lad outside while one security had hold of the lads hand he hit him 3 times for no reason at all absolutely brutal behaviour get well soon lad.

Hotel-BH-MallorcaHotel-BH-MallorcaGoogle Street View

Following the attack Alex was hospitalised.

The bouncers have since had their details handed to the police.

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    British Woman And Boyfriend 'Beaten Senseless By Magaluf Hotel Bouncers' In Sick Video