British Woman Dubbed ‘Barbie Bandit’ Arrested For Argentinian Burglary Spree


A British woman nicknamed ‘the Barbie bandit’ has been accused of burgling 16 luxury homes in Argentina.

According to the Mirror, Georgia Wawman was arrested on suspicion of being part of a gang who targeted exclusive homes and country clubs close to Buenos Aires.

The 26-year-old Brit was arrested along with her ex-boyfriend, Jose Mino, who reportedly has a previous conviction for robbery.

But her family insist that Miss Wawman – who according to the Daily Mail grew up in affluent Marlborough, Wiltshire, and went to school near Ascot, Berkshire – is completely innocent and is the victim of anti-English abuse.

Daily Mail

During raids to arrest the alleged gang members police seized a huge haul of goods, including laptops, jewellery, watches and cameras.

They also found weapons and ammunition, as well as walkie-talkies, a wig, handcuffs and a balaclava.

Miss Wawman’s stepmother, investigative journalist and TV producer Laura Pereira de Mello, told local media she is innocent.


She also accused police officers of mistreating her: 

They insulted her and an official sang her a song about the Falkland Islands which really intimidated her.

Then a doctor checked her and discovered she had high blood pressure and told the police she needed to rest.

However they made her stand up for two hours, handcuffed, with her face against a wall.


Miss de Mello said her step-daughter was only caught up in the raid because she was staying overnight with her son and Mr Mino.

Police confirmed that Mr Mino was the intended target of the raid but Miss Wawman, who has been released pending further investigations, remains a key suspect.