Brits Frantically Google ‘What Is The EU’ Hours After Voting To Leave It


Earlier today, we saw one man admit on live television that he already regretted his decision to vote leave – well it now seems a huge number of Brits didn’t even understand what they were voting for.

As reported by CNET, Google Trend data shows that a large number of people are now frantically using the search engine to find out what the European Union is.

Questions included ‘What is the EU?’ and ‘What does it mean to leave the EU?’.

Because, hey, why would anyone do that kind of research before the vote?

Many Brexit voters are now openly admitting that they regret their decision already…

Twitter reportedly saw a massive 6.4 million use the hashtag #EUref between the opening of polls on Thursday morning and David Cameron’s resignation on Friday.

As the Prime Minister abandoned the sinking ship he was captain of, Twitter usage in the UK reached twice its normal levels.

The Leave campaign dominated social media until polling day, when Remain finally looked in a prominent position, but it was all too little too late…

Well the bed has been made, and now Britain has to lie in it.