Brooklyn Beckham Pictured Kissing New Girl After Chloe Grace Moretz Breakup


Brooklyn Beckham has been spotted with his latest love interest, Lexi Wood, following his break-up with actress Chole Grace Mortez.

The son of England and Manchester United legend, David Beckham, and model and former Spice Girls member, Victoria Beckham, was seen in public kissing his new girlfriend, Lexi Wood, who happens to be an up and coming model.

I guess if you needed proof the modern day 21st-century relationships are frivolous and unmeaningful then 19-year-old Brooklyn’s ability to quickly replace his ex-girl for the next girl (word to Gang Starr) is all the evidence you need.

My valentine ?

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I mean when I was a love-struck teenager going through my first breakup, I was sitting alone in a dark room listening to DMX’s Slippin’ on repeat. The room was dark so no one could tell I’d been crying.

However this isn’t 2005, this is 2018 and in this day and age, the best way of resolving a very public break up, is by displaying your new partner to show the previous one ‘how totally over them’ you really are. Overcompensation? Maybe.

Brooklyn, who is also an aspiring model and photographer, was spotted in West Hollywood playing a delightful game of tonsil hockey at Doctor Woo’s tattoo shop.

Woo, who is widely known as the ‘tattoo-artist-to-the-stars’, was inking up Brooklyn while he was busy focusing on Wood (not a euphemism or a pun) – which I guess is a good way to distract him from the pain of the needle.

Classic Vargas pinup for a classic fella @brooklynbeckham

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Ms Wood has already established herself in the world of modelling – the 20-year-old Canadian has already appeared in GQ, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Playboy.

She first began modelling at the age of 16 when she moved with her sister to Paris and today, she has an impressive 87,000 followers on Instagram.

Two things to note down here: 1) it’s a bit crazy how we measure social media following in the same way we do someone’s net worth and 2) when I was 16, I was barely allowed to stay out past 1:00 AM let alone go to another country. Modern parenting at its finest.

In her 2017 GQ interview Lexi explained how if she wasn’t modelling clothes, she wanted to be one who was designing them.


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She explained:

I would probably be a designer, I’ve always been really into fashion. It’s funny, this weekend I was looking through old photos with my family and we found a picture of me when I was about 8 wearing a pair of red pajama pants as a dress.

I had my body through the one pant leg and one of my arms through the other pant leg and I literally looked like the emoji of the lady salsa dancing in the red dress!

I’m always taking the clothes I buy and customizing them to make them my own, so I would love to have the ability to make something from scratch.

? special night

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Brooklyn and Chole Grace Mortez first met at 2014’s Paris Fashion Week, however, the two haven’t been spotted with each other since March 11.

All the best to the three of them!

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