BREAKING: Brussels Radisson Blu Hotel Is Placed In Lockdown, Guests Told Not To Leave

Stuart Webb/Twitter

The Radisson Blu hotel in Brussels has been placed into lockdown owing to a “serious and imminent” threat of terror attack.

It is not yet clear what the threat is, but armed soldiers have been stationed directly outside the building, and streets have been cordoned off.

Guests have been told to stay inside the hotel for their own safety.

Journalist Stuart Webb has been tweeting from the hotel with updates of the situation, and has repeatedly been warned to get inside for his own safety, the threat is ‘real’.

The threat seemingly applies to the whole area, but the hotel is taking it very seriously following an attack by armed jihadists at one of the chain’s venues in Mali on Friday.

Roughly 170 people were held hostage during that attack, and at least 27 killed.

We will continue to update as the story unfolds.