Brutal Cartel Member Reveals How He Has Tortured And Murdered 30 People


A remorseless killer has admitted he has ‘no regrets’ about kidnapping, torturing and murdering 30 people whilst operating within a drug cartel.

The anonymous executioner, who was allowed to speak by cartel bosses as long as his and his organisation’s identity remained anonymous, told Associated Press he does not see himself as evil as he won’t kill women or children and doesn’t make victims dig their own graves but acknowledged that his actions have a huge impact on the families of the people he ‘disappears’.

Associated Press

According to The Sun although he remembers the number of people he has killed over the past nine years, and the places he disposed of their bodies, he admits he can’t recall his victims and chillingly tells how he made a man disappear for the first time at the age of 20.

The region of Guerrero, where he lives, is home to the glitzy town of Acapulco, but due to its rich farmland, the area is used to grow heroin poppies and marijuana and is controlled or contested by violent drug cartels that traffic in opium paste for the US market.

Many of the people he kills either belong to rival gangs, are informers or are deemed a security risk and the man described the methods he uses for extracting information from people including simulated drownings and delivering electric shocks to the victim’s genitals, tongue and the soles of their feet.

Associated Press

He explained: 

You pour water so that the electrical current is stronger. With time, you come to learn how to hurt people, to get the information you need.

He said 99 per cent of people who have the intelligence he wants give it up, and once they do he usually shoots them, although there have been three occasions when he thinks he has operated on false information, leading him to kill the wrong men.


He told how victims are often targeted in the early hours of the morning when everyone is asleep and are taken to a safe house or forest where no one will hear them being tortured and the 29-year-old justifies his killing by arguing he is defending his family, saying rival gangs would do worse than him. However none of his family know he is a secret killer thinking he simply raises cattle for a living.

Since 2007, 26,000 Mexicans have been reported missing – though this is much lower than the actual number believed to have disappeared. Many people remain too terrified to come forward, especially in areas where corrupt authorities are believed to be working with the cartels.