Brutal Footage Of Ice Hockey Player’s Throat Getting Slashed By Skate Emerges Online


Video footage showing the grim moment a Russian ice hockey player gets stabbed in the throat with a skate has emerged.

In a gruesome freak accident Vitali Sitnikov was slashed by the skate of Ladislav Nagy as he was trying to gain control of the puck. Nagy can be seen slipping as he takes a shot and momentarily loses control. The dramatic footage shows Sitnikov clutching his neck and collapsing during the Continental Hockey League game in Khanty-Mansiysk.


Sitnikov can then be seen clutching the cut before skating at high speed towards his teammates, desperate to get off the pitch. As he sits on the sidelines blood starts to pour down his neck and he quickly collapses, before medics stretcher him out.

The incident occurred at the start of the final period of the match between HC Ugra and HC Slovan Bratislava. A statement on the team’s website confirmed Sitnikov’s artery had not been damaged in the brutal collision and after having the wound stitched he was fine.


Milos Riha, head coach of HC Slovan, also sent Sitnikov his best wishes, saying: “I would like to support the player who got injured, I hope he’s all right.”

Sounds like he’s pretty lucky to have escaped anything more serious, like being decapitated.