Brutal Footage Shows Guy On Quad Wheelie Into Traffic And Get Taken Out

Untitled-1Vimeo/Matthew Williams

Warning: the video is pretty brutal…

This footage is a reminder that you shouldn’t act like a dick when on a quad bike.

It shows a guy with no safety gear, wearing only shorts, t-shirt, sandals and shades get taken out by an oncoming car as he pulls a wheelie on his quad.

HsvuzI7 - Imgur

The guy was being filmed riding along a road with several dirt bikers when he gets cocky and decides to pull a wheelie for the camera.

Unfortunately for him he isn’t looking where he’s going, and he veers into oncoming traffic where a car takes him out, sending him flying off his quad.

The person who uploaded the video, Matthew Williams, wrote in the description:

Over the summer a buddy of mine asked me to film his friends dirt biking on the streets in Waterbury, CT. All of whom originally had helmets on except one person. Needless to say the video speaks for itself.

It most certainly does. The guy’s pretty lucky, it could have ended a lot worse if a massive truck was coming along…