Brutal Footage Shows Spanish Matador Being Gored By Bull


WARNING: Distressing Footage

Just weeks after the horrific death of a bullfighter in Spain, another matador has been left fighting for his life in hospital after he was gored numerous times at one of Spain’s top bullrings. 

The brutal moment Pablo Belando was gored at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid was caught on camera, shocking viewers across the globe as his bullfighting mastery went wrong and he was thrown into the air by the bull as it mowed him down.

According to the Mirror, Pablo was gored in the chest, leg, and buttocks and is currently in a ‘very serious condition’ in hospital after receiving an hour-long emergency operation.

Spanish matador Pablo Belando is tackled by a bull during a bullfight at the Ventas bullring in MadridReuters

Anxious doctors have claimed that the most worrying injury is one in the centre of his chest, as when the bull gored him, the bull’s horn pierced his flesh, smashed its way through his rib, and ruptured his lung.

He also has an eight inch wound on his right leg as well as a four-inch long wound to his buttock – caused when the bull gored him as he lay face down on the ground.

When the bull was chased away after the incident, Belando could be seen in visible agony as he was carried away from the bullring.

Spanish matador Pablo Belando is aided after being tossed by a bull during a bullfight at the Ventas bullring in MadridReuters

The incident happened yesterday and Belando is currently recovering from his wounds at the intensive care ward in Madrid’s San Francisco de Asis Hospital.

Just over two weeks ago, Victor Barrio became the first bullfighter in over 30-years to die in the ring after he was gored in the chest by an 87-stone bull which caught him off guard.


Barrio was one of Spain’s best current bullfighters, and had tried to attract the bull with what is known as a muletazo manoeuvre, but when the bull made a quick and unexpected left turn, one of its horns pierced Barrio’s chest and the bull sent him hurtling to the ground.

The bull then gored him in the chest yet again before it was eventually chased away, however, it was too late.

Victor was carried out of the ring but was pronounced dead almost immediately.