Bouncer Punches Woman In Face After She Tries To Attack Him


Footage has emerged of the moment a bouncer punched a woman in the face on Easter Sunday. 

In the video the woman can be seen approaching the security guard before swinging a punch at his head.

To his credit, he expertly ducks her flailing arm before setting himself and landing a right hand firmly in her face, sending her stumbling backwards.

Her knees start to buckle, looking like she’s about to crumple to the ground, but – in a show of strength that would make Rocky proud – she regains herself.

In the meantime another woman appears and begins remonstrating with the bouncer while a few passers by stop to see what’s going on.


According to The Mirror, Merseyside Police have confirmed they are looking into the incident, with a spokesperson saying:

At about 6.50pm, a report was received that a woman had been assaulted by a man close to Hardy’s Bar on Mathew Street.

Officers attended and enquiries into the matter are ongoing.


The incident, which reportedly took place in Matthew Street in Liverpool, has certainly divided opinion since being posted on Twitter, with some viewers claiming the bouncer acted in self-defence while others branded it ‘disgusting’.

Ketwigkaiser wrote: 

He was in the right. She wanted to try and attack him and he landed a naughty right, good on him.

Jay Young commented: “No wrong doing in my opinion. If a lad tried to spark a bouncer we’d get the same treatment.”

Naomi posted: “Serves her right. Throw a punch at a bloke, you best be ready to take a punch back.”


Others however feel it is never acceptable to hit a female.

John wrote: 

As an ex-doorman myself this is fucking disgusting, not enough characters to go into it as it’s just shocking. Hope she’s ok. Just no need.

Whilst a user known as Tweety added: “How can anyone say he is in the right here? Even if a bloke swings for a bouncer he should show restraint and defend himself.”


And Heidi wrote: 

That’s shocking. He should be able to handle that situation without hitting and retaining her and called the police. Not lamp her.

Size of him he could’ve held her off. Lucky she didn’t fall back and smack her head or he might’ve been on a manslaughter charge.

Anyone with information can contact Merseyside Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

What do you think?