Brutal Moment Father Chokes Alleged 14-Year-Old ‘Bully’ Who ‘Tormented His Daughter’

7 News

A man has been charged after he allegedly confronted a bully who was ‘tormenting’ his step-daughter.

The alleged attack was said to have happened after an argument ‘boiled over’ at a skate park on Sunday (March 4), according to local news.

Video footage shows the man yelling and pointing at a 14-year-old boy before he appears to grab him by the neck and start to strangle him.

Watch the video here:

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The man appears to push the boy off the ledge he was sitting on, onto his back, as the teenager struggles and hits the man in the chest.

Moments later the teenager’s friends decide to intervene, yelling:

Get the f*ck off him, get off him!

The pair are then separated.

Seven News, who released the footage, said the boy then went to the police to complain about being attacked and showed officers photos of the alleged scuffle, which took place in The Gap skate park in Queensland, Australia.

It’s believed the man, who’s reported to be 53-years-old, told police the teenager had been bullying his step-daughter at school.

He’s now been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and will be in court in two weeks.