Brutal Moment Guy Twerking On Car Roundhouse Kicks Cop


Footage has emerged of an allegedly drunk man getting a bit too carried away on some cars, before he brutally knocks out a cop.

The ‘drunken’ incident occurred in Kuwait, and the video shows the man walking down a busy road, jumping on cars before dancing and twerking on them.

7AVhz5s - Imgur

Then a cop gets out of a nearby patrol car and decides to do something about the dancing idiot.

The guy goes up to the officer, shakes his booty, then delivers a surprise roundhouse kick that knocks him out cold.

It’s pretty brutal, and he goes in for a few more sly kicks when the guys out on the ground – members of the public try to stop him and he goes after them as well.

PtfePOF - Imgur

That pose he pulls after the roundhouse kick though, going full Mortal Kombat