Brutally Stylish Dishonored Run Shows How Slick The Game Can Be


On its release, Dishonored was hailed as a glorious stealth game with wide open gameplay, that would lead to countless options on how to approach missions. But not many people can claim to play the game like this.

YouTuber StealthGamerBR has made quite a name for himself on the video sharing platform, not least for his gloriously gory quick runs of games like Dishonored – with this video easily being one of his best.

Taken from the Daud’s Cleaning portion of the game and playing on PC, StealthGamerBR systematically murderises every guard in the level with barely a second to think. Slowing time, blinking around enemies and even throwing the severed heads of their comrades at them all looks like second nature. Lovely.

StealthGamerBR has a whole series of Dishonored videos just like this one, so me sure to check them out for your daily quota of juicy decapitations here.