Bryan Cranston Reveals He Once Had Sex On A Train

by : Tom Percival on : 12 Aug 2017 16:37

Bryan Cranston is many things, a gifted actor, director and all round great guy but a public sex pest? Well it appears so. 


Okay, sex pest may be going a bit far but Bryan has admitted that he and his wife once got intimate in a very public place, a train carriage to be specific.

Cranston revealed his minor indiscretion when he popped onto Conan to promote his new book A Life In Parts and Coco brought up Bryan’s honeymoon and a certain incident involving his wife Robin.


After some cajoling from Conan Bryan said:


We were in Europe for our Honeymoon and one of the parts of the trip was to go from Switzerland to Italy and instead of going over the Alps take the train.

Imagine a flatbed train with three cars bumper to bumper on the train. We were in the middle, a van full of kids in front of us and two couples from Italy at the back of us.

But the travel agent told us ‘By the way the third tunnel is 50 minutes long. It’s tradition for honeymooners to take advantage of that time.

Check out the full interview here: 

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Well Bryan couldn’t go against tradition so he told his wife about his plans, she was less enthused than him but agreed and when they entered the third tunnel they got down to business.

Unfortunately for Bryan and Robin it seems the travel agent may have been pulling a little prank on the newlyweds as just a few seconds after Cranston got his trousers off they flew out of the tunnel into broad daylight.

Needless to say Bryan was more than a little embarrassed. Not as embarrassed as Robin was though who told Cranston in no uncertain terms to ‘get off’.

Thankfully though, the incident wasn’t too scarring and the couple have been together 28 years and we’re sure they learned their lesson about the dangers of public sex.

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