Bryan Cranston Uses Hilariously British Swear Word Live On ‘Good Morning Britain’


Breaking Bad actor, Bryan Cranston, dropped a wonderfully British swear word live on ITV’s Good Morning Britain earlier.

Bryan showed off a touch of the Walter Whites while on the GMB sofa talking to Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh about his new film, Wakefield, by throwing in a casual expletive, right out there on live TV for everybody to hear.

And what made the timing all the more unfortunate was the fact there had just been a feature on the programme about not swearing in front of children.

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As Kate told viewers Bryan had been ‘mobbed in the green room’ she asked if he was constantly approached by people obsessed with his role in Breaking Bad.

To which Bryan replied:

No some people come up to me and say: “I’ve seen your work and you’ve done loads and loads of shite, but now you’ve done Breaking Bad and other things…” Those people you just have to dismiss.


Naturally, Twitter absolutely loved it…

He certainly made an impression.