Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Is A Giant Middle Finger To Trump’s Muslim Ban

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2017 18:21

After President Trump’s recent announcement regarding his ban on Muslims, Budweiser have responded with a perfectly timed new advert. 


The beer company’s campaign for the Super Bowl sends a powerful message to viewers in light of the negativity that’s currently engulfing America.

The ad depicts a young Adolphus Busch – one of the creators behind the hugely successful brand – who rocked up to America from Germany in 1857, Elite Daily reports.

So, in fact, the man behind one of America’s most popular beers was actually an immigrant and even though it was over 150 years ago in which he set sail for American shores, he too was met with animosity.


Anyone who’s ever tried to relocate and live in a different country or sometimes city or even town, may sympathise with the next bit in the ad…

Poor Adolphus, far from being welcomed with open arms into the land where dreams were made, was pushed and shoved by suspicious people and cruelly told to ‘go back home.’

The scene resonates only too well with the current activity taking places in the states at the moment…

Things have obviously been bubbling up for a while though, as the ad makers had the video primed and ready months before Trump’s hugely controversial executive order.

Despite the film drawing distinct parallels with the current situation in the U.S, the marketing company behind the video, AdAge, claims the themes depicted are actually just ‘coincidental.’


They said:


[The} ad by Anomaly might be perceived by some viewers as making a subtle political statement, that was not the intent.

They then went on to explain it wasn’t the beer company InBev’s purpose to comment on the xenophonic undertones currently sweeping through parts of the USA.

Instead they claimed they simply wanted to portray ‘themes of hard work and the pursuit of dreams.’

Here’s the full version of the powerful advert:


Regardless of whether the comments were or weren’t ‘coincidntal’, it’s a brilliant advert showing it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we’re all capable of achieving great things.

A much needed sentiment right now.

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