Bull Breaks Into Cage, Gets Brutal Revenge On Man Who Taunted It

by : UNILAD on : 19 Aug 2016 11:42

Brutal footage has emerged of the moment a bull breaks into a steel cage to attack a man who had been tormenting it.


Video of the disturbing incident, which reportedly took place in Spain, shows a guy in a bright red T-Shirt – probably not the smart choice of colour to be honest – standing inside a caged enclosure taunting the bull, reports the Daily Mail.


But it’s not long before the guy starts to regret his bravado as the angry bull charges at the enclosure, easily smashing its way through the bars.

It knocks the guy – now trapped inside with his taurine attacker – to the floor before proceeding to gore away at him as he struggles to squeeze through the bars.


Eventually, with the help of a few onlookers the guy is dragged away through the cage, leaving the still raging bull stomping about and charging around dragging the cage with it.

Apparently the guy was taken to hospital but somehow managed to avoid any serious injury.

Wearing a bright red T-shirt while taunting an angry bull is definitely not a great idea. Bull 1 – 0 Man.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Even a cage won't save you! Dramatic moment a ferocious bull breaks into steel enclosure leaving man inside scrambling for his life