‘Bullet-Proof’ Bra Saves Woman’s Life In Germany

by : UNILAD on : 09 Aug 2015 18:40
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One woman in Germany has been saved from serious injury after her bra deflected a bullet during a hunting trip that went wrong.

The incident happened in Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, with the woman feeling pain while crossing a field between Gadebusch and Köchelstor, riding on the back of a motorcycle with her husband, and on closer inspection, realising that the pain was from a bullet ricochet.


The couple did not realise they were in the middle of an area that was being used as part of a boar hunt.


Amazingly, the underwire of her bra actually saved her from being seriously injured, deflecting the bullet, meaning she was only left with a bruise.

The woman was then taken to a doctor, who confirmed she was fine bar some obviously minor discomfort.


The Gadebusch Criminal Commission are now investigating to see if charges need to be filed on the grounds of causing injury by negligence.

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