Bulletproof Vest Company Boss Gets Man To Shoot Him To Prove Product Works

by : UNILAD on : 17 Mar 2018 14:27

When you pay for something you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. You also want to make sure you’re not getting ripped off by some knock-off Nigel who’s going to take your cash and slip it into his bank account in the Cayman Islands.


If you’re paying top-dollar for a product, you’re within your right to demand the best – especially if said product is purchased for the sole purpose of preserving your life.

Which is why few can match the business acumen of Vyacheslav Nalyvaiko, who offers first-hand tests of his bulletproof vests, just to prove how good they are.

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Nalyvaiko, who’s head of his own military equipment company, Ukrainian Armor (UARM), has full belief in his products – he’s even willing to put himself in the firing line as part of an online demonstration for (potential) customers.


Can you even think of a better selling point for your business?

Even though he’s in his mid-50s, Nalyvaiko is seen with a cheeky grin on his face as he’s seen taking a shot from a Kalashnikov AKM rifle from 33 feet away.

On UARM’s website they claim:

Our mission – is to create qualitative, durable, safe and reliable equipment for each customer. Every day we prove that our mission is possible by deed. Words could not protect your life. They can’t stop bullets that go through Ukrainian soldiers, nor shield policemen’s that arrest armed criminals, they cannot guarantee safety of a dog that helps frontier guards.

That’s why our company exists to create safety and to prove there are high quality standards in Ukrainian armour industry in terms of today’s combat conditions.

Every day, UARM protect hundreds of lives. We understand our work keeps people safe, creates reliable and proper protection. That is why we create perfection among protective goods at available prices.

On their website, they sell bulletproof vests for as cheap as $73 (£52). They also sell helmets and full set body armour – so it’s the ideal website for paranoid doomsday preppers.

If you make bulletproof vests you have to be sure you’re doing it properly.


This should go without saying, but using yourself as a human test dummy is risky and I’m pretty sure Nalyvaiko knows this – which is why he’s putting himself in such a dangerous position as it’s a testament to his beliefs.

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Yet belief can only get you so far.

Last month, a man in America died from a gunshot wound, despite wearing a bulletproof vest.

According to various reports, there was no malicious intent. The incident was said to be a tragic accident after the victim willingly asked his friend, identified as Jason Griffin, to shoot him to test out a flack jacket he was being sold.

According to Griffin’s partner, he ‘didn’t know the gun was loaded’ and despite the unusual circumstances, he says he didn’t mean to kill his friend.

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Ukrainian Armor/YouTube
  1. Ukrainian Armor/YouTube

    Director of UARM company took a shoot from AK to check company's armored plates