Bullfighter Savagely Gored Through The Throat On His Debut

by : UNILAD on : 03 Apr 2017 10:15

A Bullfighter is now fighting for his life after being gored several times during his debut appearance.


23-year-old Daniel Garcia Navarrete is in a critical condition after getting pierced multiple times after making his bullfighting debut at the Las Ventas arena in Madrid.

In front of 10,000 shocked spectators at Spain’s biggest bullfighting arena, the young Matador was continuously mauled by the raging bull before his fellow bullfighters stepped in to help him.


Navarrete was pierced by the bull’s horns several times, including in his throat. He was also flipped in the air before staff tried to come to his rescue.


Of his many wounds, the worst were six and eight inches deep, penetrating the roof of his mouth and underneath his tongue, respectively. He also suffered severe bruises and extensive cuts.

He was immediately seen to by the arena’s medical staff who said he’s lucky to be alive. Navarrete underwent emergency surgery at the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi, who said that his condition remains ‘severe’.

Spectators described the carnage as ‘horrific’, with many believing the bull was going to kill Navarrete right then and there.

One of person who was in attendance said:

There was blood on his neck and a hole in his thigh… The bull was literally shaking him about like a rag doll


This is just latest case in spate of bullfighters getting serious injuries – just days ago Antonio Romero received an 11 inch-deep puncture in his rectal area (I think our butt-checks did a little clench there) in Mexico City.


Local reports claim he had to have his entire rectal region stitched back together.

Just nope.

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